Please Note

Part of the purpose of this blog is  to provide a space for which I can teach myself basic web design.  As such, there will be times when colors and other elements of this site might seem strange. Please be patient while I learn new skills.

Thank you.


Current Project

Two of my ancient hobbies are knitting and crocheting. One aspect of these hobbies is collecting patterns  which are used to make a variety of items utilizing these skills. One can easily find a large number of  knitting and crocheting patterns online utilizing a search engine.

I am the owner of a site : Dish and Wash Cloth Mania . I suddenly realized a couple of weeks ago that it needed  much updating.  Since then, the majority of my free time has been spent checking each page for dead links and removing them. Most of the pages have been checked, with the remaining pages to be reviewed by sometime tomorrow.

Once the remaining dead links are removed,  I will begin the process of  going adding new links to the site.  This will be the fun portion of the update. It is  a combination of adding links that are in my files in addition to doing my own online search for patterns. As with any site it is a work in progress, but once this update is complete it will be easier to maintain the site.



Kindle Fire

Much to my delight the most recent software update to the Kindle Fire resolved the issues of poor responsiveness and lack of ability to remove items from the carousel. I an now totally pleased with my Fire.  It has proven to be a good value for the cost.


Early Christmas Gift

The past several weeks have been delightfully busy. My Christmas of a Kindle Fire was purchased from a local merchant the first day it was released. The consensus among the other members of my household was that I did not have to wait for Christmas to start using it.

More than a month later, I am still very pleased with it. The latest software update from Amazon has resolved two of my major complaints about it:

  • The  poor responsiveness of the touch screen
  • The inability to remove items from the carousel

The only other issue I have with it is not being able to file items in categories on the machine. It is a minor annoyance.

This is a gift I am pleased to have received early.






On the surface it doesn’t look like a lot has been done here. The reality is that a lot of learning and experimenting have been occurring.

Hours were spent trying on and playing with themes. I searched for and found a lot premium themes. Their cost ranged from minimal to very expensive by my standards. My final choice is the Weaver WordPress Theme. It is a good fit for this blog.

I have obtained  great information from reading WordPress Weaver ;; One Cool Site and Lorelle on WordPress . Those sites are valuable sources of information.

I have spent hours looking at Photos and other images from Big Stock Photo to find the right header image for the site. It has been fun to play around with ColorZilla to coordinate the Menu Bars with the header photo for this site. I have used it several times and like it better all the time. It is one of my favorite tools.

I also bought a paperback copy of WordPress Web Design For Dummies. After years of blogging and running a site with very little knowledge of Web Design, HTML and CSS I have decided it is time to learn about all of these topics. This poor book will be well worn by the time my thirst for knowledge is sated.

The one thing I know is that there is a lot to learn.

A Decision

Welcome to my new blog!

I decided yesterday to set up a blog to talk about all of  my hobbies. The hard of the process has been choosing a theme that meets my requirements. I experimented with several until choosing this one.

This blog will be a work in progress for the next several days while additions are made to it.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!